Three Sisters, Doris and Forever Beautiful

Three Sisters was a wonderful, exciting journey, and the production was very well received. I very much hope to be involved in other productions at Arts@Trinity in due course.

Meanwhile, I have played the lead role in two short films. Doris directed by Natalie Smith (  and Forever Beautiful directed by Lee Anthony Reilly   ( ).  I am excited about the quality of these two short films, both of which will be entered for various festivals.

You can see Forever Beautiful here:

I will post a link To Doris when it available online for you to see. Doris is now finished, but not yet available for public viewing. Please contact me if you want to see the film.

Thankyou to both of these two talented young directors and their teams for relaxed and very enjoyable shoots.

Three Sisters

I’m delighted to announce that I will be appearing in Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov at Arts@Trinity from May 8 – May 11. More details can be found here:

13 October 2011 – The Ghost Train

I have just been cast in the role of Miss Vera Bourne in the feature film The Ghost Train.

The writer and director write: “The Ghost Train remake will be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to respectfully adapt the original 1941 classic film into a modern day feature. It’s a fantastically re-written real “ghost story” which promises to truly haunt it’s audience. The plot revolves around 6 passengers being stranded, the night before Christmas Eve, in a remote Yorkshire railway station. The station is said to be haunted by “The Ghost Train”. ”

We hope to be shooting the film early to mid December.