22 February 2011

“The Interview” attracted good audiences at Bradford Playhouse, and was well received. It is an outstandingly good play, telling the story of the holocaust from Hitler’s ascent to power in 1933 to the Liberation of Auschwitz in 1945 through the life story of one survivor of Auschwitz.

I am told that “For Better for Worse” will now be aired on the Crime and Investigation Channel in March or April. I will let you know as soon as I know myself when that will be.

In the meantime, I have been busy with a  number of auditions, various student films, and several days of roleplay work. I am currently waiting for the results of auditions for a feature film and two new plays. I’ll post any further developments here on my website.

10 November 2010 The Interview and For Better for Worse

Rehearsals for “The Interview” are now in the final stages, and we perform at Bradford Playhouse, Chapel Street, Bradford BD1 5DL from 18th-20th November. Don’t miss this brilliant new play about the Holocaust; tickets are available from the theatre or from www.HexisProductions.com.

As well as rehearsing for “The Interview”, I have also just finished filming a piece for the Crime and Investigation channel called “For Better for Worse”, which, I am told, will air in the New Year. More details when I know them.

Also in recent weeks I have enjoyed acting in two corporate films, one for the Co-operative and one a training film to do with courter-terrorism, and in a low budget short called “Daydreams”, directed by Yemi Bamiro, which will be entered for festivals around the UK.

I am enjoying the varied work enormously – oh, and don’t forget to buy your tickets for “The Interview” – it is only 6 days until we open!